Friday, June 05, 2015

The Benefits of a Siege Mentality

After months of strict self-control, I appear to have let the genie out of the bottle and have been buying All The Things.
This is either because:

 (1) I think I will give up my job and so will no longer have a personal disposable income, therefore I had better stock up NOW; or
 (2) I think I will stay in my job and will therefore need to sew and knit more to
 (a) appear presentable
 (b) stay sane.

It's probably (2)(b) (or not to be... that is the question?!)
Anyway - new things!


I am besotted by the new Merchant and Mills Workbook.

It chimes perfectly with all my talk of uniforms and a psychological need for a simple, comfortable wardrobe which allows me to get dressed in the dark.

Of course, the longer I spend poring over its pages, the more likely it is that I will start with the trickiest project in the book, the Strides wide-legged trousers.

Or the fantastic 1980's drama student meets Philip Larkin in the library coat - ooh yeah!

I am a bit shy of the Curlew dress.  It describes itself as "sexy".
Um... really?
 But it planted the doubt in my head - that's not a look I aspire to. 

Good sense suggests I kick off with a Bantam Tank - if only because I think The Girl would like it too.

I have already bought Cali Faye's basics.tank pattern in anticipation of a flurry of Girl-ish sewing, but there's no harm in trying out two patterns, is there?

The Brumby Skirt from Megan Nielsen also awaits my attention.  I purchased some lightweight denim and washed it mid-week, in preparation.

I have been buying quite a lot of fabric lately.  Mostly denim and chambray, with a dash of cotton chino fabric.  There was some lightweight wool before that.  All excellent choices for my new patterns, though I might still "need" some lightweight cottons / linens for tops.


My new Instagram account (I am theroobeedoo if you want to follow me) led me to a yarn purchase.

This is natural-dyed sockweight from Gregoria Fibers.
The blue/green is dyed using red cabbages, while the tweedy yarn is dyed using a mixture of onion skins and nuts.

FL cracked me up by sniffing the yarn to see if he could detect any "eau de legumes".  I can assure you there is not a soupcon of soup-fragrance!

I plan to knit a Swedish Spring Shawl using the cabbage-dyed skein.
Such a beautiful pattern!

Meantime, I cast on the Tailspin Shawl by Josh Ryks.
I have wanted to knit this ever since I saw early fragments of the design on Josh's podcast.
I am using The Knitting Goddess yarn in Bigger on the Inside (black to navy variegated) with a set of Blackened Rainbow mini skeins for the kite stripes. 
The yarn was bought with this project in mind, and has been squirrelled away, awaiting the right moment.
That time is now!
Although I have been buying new things, I have also been paying attention to what is already in my stash.  Not least because I am currently in the midst of a moth epidemic - noooo!
I have been assassinating upwards of 20 of the beasts every evening in the bedroom and sitting room.
I have put down pheromone traps, with some success. But the old-fashioned "smash them over the head" approach is very therapeutic!
And yes, there is lavender everywhere.
And cedarwood balls.

Update on FL:
A few kind readers have extended "get well soon" wishes to FL, in the wake of his attack of shingles.
He has been very unwell and unhappy over the past few weeks.  However, his back is beginning to heal, so we are hopeful that the pain will reduce soon.
He is having his dressings changed by a nurse at the GP surgery, so I have the reassurance that an "expert" is in charge of that now, after my early attempts at First Aid using Always (with wings, naturally)!  LOL  Poor FL!
We get our laughs where we can around here!

Edited to say:    I am clearly going senile - I already told you about that!


theknittinggoddess said...

The shawl looks fabulous - and I'm with you in your love of the Merchant and Mills book.

Linda C said...

I hope I didn't send you the moth curse we have been having. I am working hard on it. The cats get all upset because the stupid moths fall in their water bowl - I don't want to drink water with moths in it, would you?

When you mentioned your yarn dyed with natural dyes such as red cabbage and onion skins and nuts, I was reminded of the year we dyed Easter Eggs with natural dyes. Tea and coffee made different brown. Onions skins made a pale yellow; but the longer the eggs sat in the water, the more orange they got. I had some tea bags which were for something like Rose Hip Tea (something herbal). The eggs put in that water turned the most beautiful robins egg blue.

Best wishes for FL's shingles recovery. My mother had them on her back one year right after I had my second daughter. No fun at all.


Marilla Walker said...

Those wide leg trousers are a must! I have resisted buying the book so far, but that is only because i'm waiting for the right time to 'treat' myself. Everything I've seen of it so far looks very encouraging! As for moths, well I'm considering dumping my yarn stash as they seem impossible to control. Stashing yarn seems to be a waste of time for me, as there is always some kind of invasion taking place somewhere in this house :-(

Hope FL gets well soon! My two just had chicken pox, but I understand shingles is much, much worse! Enjoy the weekend!

Lorna A said...

Can I be brutally honest? (I'm sure it is okay.) That dress is not sexy, she looks pregnant (which is of course sexy to the husband) or suffering terrible backache (probably a backward baby like mine were):)

Cruelty aside, I do like the look of those trousers and as for that blue/green wool, it is the most delightful colour.

Can you enlighten us all more with your tales of Always? I do know they are used by celebs (usually male) to stop sweat patches under the arms.

Love to you and FL. I can only imagine how tough it is for you both. xx

poppyinstitches said...

I've been looking for the M&M book, must go into a huge waterstones - love the trousers. Your right about the dress, odd photo maybe? Great to hear FL getting better

Palava rakkaus, pikkusydän said...

Those wide-legged trousers are beautiful. And I want one of those library coats! (I must agree with Lorna - I'm not feeling the "sexy" dress...)

Anna said...

I don't think that dress fits the model very well so it's very hard to tell if it's sexy as I'm wondering why there are so many wrinkles and the armholes are all pulled... I love the look of M&M patterns but I have yet to see any of them worn by people who are short and wide like I am and I'm not certain that they are designed for that kind of body. The Factory Dress keeps calling me, but I have a feeling it would either cling to all my lumps and bumps or make me look like a barrel so I've not purchased it! Those trousers will look fab on you though, I look forward to seeing them.

I found moths yesterday for the very first time. Earlier today I stuck some smelly thingies I bought from Amazon in the drawers and my knitting yarn. I didn't have enough to put in my fabric though and I've not actually seen one in my sewing room so I will wait and see if I need to buy more, I know nothing at all about getting rid of moths so it's all a bit of a puzzlement to me!

Jennifer Hill said...

Oo, thank you, the Basic Tank's pattern company is new to me, as is the Workbook! Fun, fun! I love the wide leg trousers. Not sure about the coat...bit too much like a caretakers? Though I'm sure choice of fabric would make all the difference. Love both tanks, too, and I'm planning on making some soon (though I'm currently making a bag for daughter 1 - fab pattern, Savannah - but it's taking forEVER). Quite like the dress actually, though not sure about sexy; depends who's looking, maybe! The yarn is lovely, too, which reminds me, I MUST get on with my 2 knitting wips. Glad FL is improving. And I'll never look at Always quite the same again, teehee! Jen

angeeza said...

Thank you for this book's discovery ! I am waiting fort mine !

Sandy said...

There is nothing easy about shingles... but it sounds as if the worst might be behind him. One encouraging note seems to be that people who go through that often seem to suppress the MM for longer periods of time; this is not scientific info, but observational from my part. I wonder if it boosts the immune system somewhat? Anyhow, hope FL is feeling better as each day goes by...

And your sewing and knitting work continues to impress me greatly!