Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FO: Swedish Spring Cabbage Shawl

Ah yes - more romantic pictures of the compost bin!

I finished and blocked my Swedish Spring Shawl while The Girl was here.

She went home on Sunday, so I had to rely on my trusty garden wall and the self-timer to take these photographs.

I chose to knit the large version and as a result ran out of yarn mid-way along the bind-off, despite missing out the last 4 rows of the edging.

This is my own fault - I should have seen it coming.

But I was determined to make the most of the beautiful plant-dyed yarn from Gregoria Fibers.
It was dyed using red cabbages.
Red cabbages! :)

I used a few yards of light grey sock wool to finish the bind-off from the mid-point.
I rather like the way it underscores the edge.

And let's face it, I wasn't about to rip it back at that stage.


Pattern:  Swedish Spring Shawl by Maria Montzka

Yarn:  Red cabbage hand-dyed sock yarn, 75% merino, 25% nylon, 459 yards for 100g from Gregoria Fibers in Germany.

Needles:  4mm (US 6) Knit Pro Spectra interchangeables.

A very smooth knit once I understood how the chart repeat worked.
I absolutely loved the subtle colouring of the plant-dyed wool.
I could happily have kept knitting on it forever... which is how I ran out of yarn!

I am not usually drawn to pastel colours, but this is rather special.
The finished shawl is big and drapey and soft and lacy.
Good enough for a party but simple enough to wear every day.
I love it!


Kestrel said...

It's really pretty. I'm not normally drawn to pastels too, but this will make a nice partner to bolder items

loop and bar said...

I love the colour, and I really love the subtle contrast of the 'extra yarn' bind off! It's really pretty :)
Kate x

Sarah said...

Ooo, Roo! this is gorgeous! I love the contrast bind off.

Lynne said...

This is GORGEOUS! And I love the contrast edging too.

agirlinwinter said...

Beautiful. I love the subtle colour of the yarn with the lace pattern. Sidenote - love your dress, is it Nano Iro fabric?

Emma said...

I love your beautiful shawl. I love your whole outfit, actually! You look very stylish and serene.

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you everyone :)
Agirlinwinter: yes, it is Nani Iro double gauze.