Saturday, June 01, 2013

FO: John Huston, Tarnished Hero Socks

I am ashamed to say that until I made these socks, I was not really aware of John Huston's place in film history.
According to film historian James Goodwin, almost all of Huston's movies revolve around a "heroic quest — even if it involves questionable motives or destructive alliances". This quest "is preferable to the spiritless, amoral routines of life".
That is a philosophy which would appeal to my FL, I know, so it is appropriate that these are his birthday socks, finished with plenty of time to spare... but only a scrap of leftover yarn!
All those twisted stitches, a longer-than-usual leg and 2.25mm needles conspired to make the last half of foot two a somewhat stressful marathon.  What if I ran out of yarn?  It is hand-dyed, unrepeatable...!
I even began stalking another knitter on Ravelry whom I suspected had bought the twin skein at the Edinburgh Yarn festival - maybe she could be persuaded to do a deal with me?
Or should I rip back the first sock's toe and work both in a contrasting colour?
I am delighted to say that this was not necessary.
But it was a close thing!
Pattern:  John Huston, Tarnished Hero by Rachel Coopey
It is beautifully-charted and the written instructions are absolutely flawless and comprehensive.

Yarn:  Skein Queen Entwine, 80% merino, 20% nylon, with a good firm twist - perfect for this stitch pattern!  The colour is a mottled cocoa brown in natural light, but almost grey on camera.

Needles:  2.25mm dpns, assorted (I tend to break this size of needle so have several part-sets in use!)

I found working all those twisted stitches quite a strain, especially at the junction between dpns.  The heel flaps included "purling through the back loop" which was a bit of a nightmare, but thankfully a short-lived one.  Once I reached the foot, it was a lot easier on my wrists.

One of the best-looking pairs of socks I have knitted for FL, if not the very best :D


beate grigutsch said...

i should learn to knit so i can make my hubby such beautiful present............

Emma said...

Those are superb! A very stylish pair of socks.

christinelaennec said...

Very handsome socks indeed, for an untarnished hero!

Lynne said...

They are fabby socks, I hope FL loves them. And phew to not running out of yarn!

Gail said...

They are beautiful. Such a wonderful gift!

auchenshugglegranny said...

wish I could knit socks, they look wonderful, very soft

MaryinTN said...

Absolutely beautiful Roo! I am sure FL will be very pleased with these socks. My hubby is looking over my shoulder and mentioning that he too would like a pair just like this. But in a different color. He's waving a green hank of yarn in my direction :D Did this pattern come in the Rachel Coopey book that just came out?

Roobeedoo said...

Maryin TN - no, this pattern is a direct download from Ravelry. It is not in the book.

LinB said...

Ah, such a lovely gift for your FL! I always think that "maden" gifts are much nicer than "boughten" gifts. My own larger family agrees; my husband's larger family despises anything "homemade."

All those twisted stitches! You must have been climbing the walls. I made a cardigan for DH once, in which every stitch was twisted. It ... did something to my brain ... or was that the Lipitor I was taking at the time? Still, life goes on, and now you know how to knit-in-the-back and purl-in-the-front in your sleep.

Joan said...

Gorgeous socks, and a true labour of love from the sound of it!

acharmofmagpies said...

Oh how beautiful! These are special socks, beautifully made. Your socks inspire me so much!