Friday, March 15, 2013

A Lighter Head

Friday already?
I made it to work every day this week, despite snow and a heavy cold.  I have been coming home and collapsing straight into bed after dinner.  But I think I am almost over it - hooray!
FL is still coughing.  He is not happy.

But... I got my hair cut and feel a lot better for that - yay!  This was my main motivation in making that 6th attempt to get my car up the snow-laden hill on Wednesday! My next step will be to open the packet of Violet Vendetta hair dye.  I kid you not!  Have you seen Rachel Herron's hair?  Love it!

The new Boden catalogue is amusing me greatly.  I think they have been digging through my fabric store for inspiration!
Neon yellow and grey striped t-shirt?  In my stash!
Broderie, contrast cotton-lined skirt?  In my stash!
Orange dress?  In my stash!
Lots of lovely shoes and some more realistic prices this season - at last!
Orange patent penny loafers are very appealing... and I can't sew my own ;)

But best of all, the fresh colours (turquoise!  orange!  lemon!) and retro vibe of that catalogue has reminded me that I have a whole heap of vintage patterns that I want to sew.  Yeah, I know I said I thought I was "over" the vintage look, but I was wrong.  I was just looking at them in too literal a way.  So watch this space - some sewing may be on its way! :D

But tomorrow is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, so there won't be much sewing this weekend.  I am zooming down by train, there and back in one day.  Christine and I will be knitting all the way!
I am meeting my mother there, which will inhibit my stash-enhancement activities but won't prevent me from eating cake.  Say hello if you see me!


Gail said...

Oh boy . . . I have been lusting after those orange patent penny loafers too! I really don't know how much longer I can hold out.

Very nice 'do!

Helen said...

I'm loving the Boden catalogue too! I bought the button back jumper and have worn it twice already, despite the cold. I am so ready for spring clothes!

Enjoy the yarn festival!

Gaylene said...

Loving the broderie skirt with contrast lining...I have black broderie in the stash...thinking a violent violet for the lining! Glad you have survived your cold; Silly, but I get a bit concerned when you haven't blogged for a few days....hope you and FL are doing really well. Have fun at the yarn fest!

Miriana said...

Yes, the shoes are amazing. Too annoying that I'm size nine.

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I hope you and Christine have a great time at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I am sure it will be exhausting but so worth it. Have fun.

Marie said...

Love the hairdo, how very chic!!! And please go for the violet, you'll totally rock it!!!

Mary in TN said...

Love the haircut. Orange shoes are awesome. Check out the April/May 2013 Threads magazine (page 78), The colors of spring 2013. Orange is IN. Pantone's top 10 spring color list has 2 shades of orange. Surprising to see emerald on both the men's and women's fashion lists though.

Sabs said...

Your hair looks fab x

Linda C said...

I too was lusting after some of the things in the new Boden book. I think I use it as an idea magazine or wish book. I do find that the Boden things I have bought through the years (Hopefully on sale) hold up remarkably well. Some of them I have had for years and they still look good. I am feeling sad that the moths have gotten in a few sweaters I really liked.

Orange loafers sound good - my last three pair of shoes have been teal - ready for a change!

Turquoise sounds yummy. I used to wear it all the time but more recently I have been wearing purple and green (dark green) and blues. Turquoise looks so spring and summery.

Enjoy your purple hair.. I have always said that if I ever decide to dye the grey, it will be purple I'll use.

I was going to ask if the pollen was bothering you and FL because I have been coughing like crazy the past few days. I realize that you probably don't have trouble with pollen when snow lies all around.


acharmofmagpies said...

I dream of having vibrantly coloured hair and can't wait to see yours. The new cut is lovely and will look great in violet! And that orange and blue fabric is very pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing the next batch of vintage inspired sewing!

LinB said...

When you write, "vintage," how vintage-y are you talking? I have a few odds and ends from my mother's 1960s-70s stash that I'd love to gift you, as a token of affection and thanks for the enjoyment your blog has given me. I think they'd fit you -- or would with very little adjustment. Just let me know.