Friday, September 30, 2011

SSS: The final week

That's it!  I am done with Self-Stitched September! I didn't launch myself into the challenge with my customary energy, so I was not surprised when it felt a bit "flat".

 And my photographer is definitely tired of his daily 8am duty.  Tuesday's "blurry with dog's bottom" picture was taken with a weary sigh.  FL - I appreciate it, I really do!


"Self-stitched" is no longer a novelty in these parts so some of my me-mades are beginning to look rather tired (like myself).  One outfit in particular is earmarked for redundancy:  the swooshy aubergine trousers with Simplicity 2501 blouse and Gap teal cardigan (Wednesday).  Through the joy of Flickr sets I can see that this was an "old faithful" in Me-Made June 2011 and Self-Stitched September 2010.   And in all that time, the trousers have been unhappily hoisted up with a belt because they are too big, the blouse is definitely faded and washed-out-looking, and there is a thumb-hole in the right cuff of the cardi, which has now developed a ladder.  But you wouldn't have known would you?!

So in answer to my mother's question about why I keep making more clothes when I have "so many"? - um, actually mum, they don't last forever when they are being worn and washed and worn and washed on a weekly basis for over a year.  And sometimes you get to the stage where you just can't look at them any longer and they've simply got to go.

So if I have learned anything from this month of documented self-stitchery, it is that the making of a garment is just the start of its life.  After the "FO shoot" there is the settling-in period when you find out what to wear it with.  My Audrey-inspired black trousers are going through that right now.  I have been wearing them twice a week, trying them out with different self-stitched tops to find out how to wear them... and realised that I like them best with a plain black shop-bought sweater!

But, yeah, I have had enough of September for so many reasons.  I would really like October to be calm and quiet with just some self-stitching to pepper it up a little.  What do you think, FL, is that a deal?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I thought I would have had a steady stream of incoming mail this week to share with you... but it's been very quiet.  Worryingly so.  I might have to start calling in on all the other farms with the same name as ours, just in case...

But let's be optimistic and assume that I am about to take delivery of some fresh sewing inspiration!

I succumbed to another vintage Betsey Johnson pattern from the 1970's.  I stumbled upon a new-to-me sewing blogger who had made these trousers, and was smitten.  Yes, they are absolutely shoooge!  But we all know how I feel about wide-legged trousers ... and this pattern was very cheap.

Um, yes, they are only a teen size 7, but I reckon it won't take much to make them a little wider round the hip given the yardage already involved in those front pleats!  I have some brown and lilac pinstripe moleskin in the stash, ready and waiting for some 70's madness : )

I also snapped up a copy of the latest Colette blouse pattern, Jasmine.  That was over a week ago.  I have previously bought things from the same UK e-tailer and they arrived the next day.  Hmmm.  But I am not going to get anxious about it.  Even though I wanted to make this last weekend!

I am going to use the teal and brown plaid in the centre of this picture, cut on the cross.  That pintuck blouse was never going to work out.

FL has been reminding me all week that I haven't finished my teal wool Ginger skirt.  I know!  But I want to be sure the bias has dropped as far as it is going to go before I add the zip and hem. 

Fingers crossed for lots of sewing this coming weekend!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Read the Blueprint

So, there I was, knitting away on the first wing of Seraphine, thinking I might finish it over the weekend, when it occurred to me to check the schematic.  You know, the accompanying diagram that gives you a clue about how far you might have progressed.
You could knock me down with a feather, 'cos the wingspan of this woolly wonder is NINETY TWO INCHES!

Say what?!  That's... many feet?  Ninety two divided by twelve is... um... almost eight (thanks, Lorna!).  Eight feet?!

I thought  I was at least a third of the way through and was feeling kinda smug because I knew I must be finished soon, long before the first snow of the year..

I may be some time...
And I may run out of yarn...

This pattern is not getting a very positive reception on Ravelry.  It seems to have irritated a couple of knitters ahead of me to an inordinate degree for containing minor errors and doing things differently to how they wanted them done.

So... if it bothers you that much, do your own thing, ladies!  I mean, seriously?  You want to end your cables differently? Go on then! There's a mistake in the chart?  Oh yes - I see that, but if you got this far, you know what to do, so why not drop the designer a polite note so she can put it right?  What's going on here?  You are behaving like F-book bullies! 

What concerns me is that people are going to be put off before they start.  They are interested enough in the design to research it on Ravelry, looking for the finished objects, the modelled shots, but instead all they find are complaints.

When you read beyond the rhetoric, the main problems these knitters faced seem to be:  they were expected to count their rows; and unless they were working to the correct gauge, the pieces would not fit together.  Umm... really?!

Here's what I think:  this is a really gorgeous original design, combining cables and reverse stocking stitch to make a great big woolly hug of a winter shawl.  It is by a relatively new designer, whom Jared Flood has given a really special opportunity by showcasing her work in his Wool People Collection.  I don't suppose for one minute that it was extensively test-knitted because it is frankly quite a huge undertaking, but if you get gauge there is every reason to believe that everything will work out just fine, because Jared is no fool.  And there's a finished shawl up there to ogle!

Even major designers make mistakes.  That's why Ravelry is full of errata notices!  But nowadays they can be put right almost instantly by contacting the person with the editorial rights, who can then nip in to the pdf and sort it out.  It's not like the old days when it could take years for a book to be reprinted and novice knitters were left to either work it out for themselves or give up.

Isn't this the whole joy of a knitting community like Ravelry:  knitters can help each other!  Young designers can and should be nurtured and supported.   I was happy to pay for this pattern, because it has such a great design concept behind it:  I could not have thought this up by myself.  The mistakes are tiny and pretty much self-correcting  - in the grand scheme of things they are a mere hiccup.  Why not cut the girl some slack, ladies? Or are ya jealous? :O

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fresh Ginger: Squeezed and Hung

This weekend I made a start on my winter Ginger skirt, using the teal wool I bought in Glasgow.
I had expected to have loads of lee-way  with my fabric because this time it was 60" wide and I bought a whole 90cm.  Last time I managed to make it with 45" wide x 85cm.

But the shop assistant in Mandors did not take enough care when cutting this rather expensive fabric.  I noticed at the time that it was folded and wrapped round a flat cardboard support.  There wasn't much left on the roll, so in retrospect I should have asked her to take the whole piece off the cardboard to cut my length... because she pulled it off at an angle, and cut it as it lay, without checking the grainline.  As a result, I lost almost 10 of my precious 90cm.  My yellow tape measure marks the missing piece in the lower layer of the fabric, and you can see what I lost on the upper layer to the left of the picture.  Sigh.

So once again I found myself squeezing a skirt out of insufficient yardage.  I had just enough to cut the bias version in size 2... so once again I was forced to take 1cm seams.  If I ever succeed in making a  size 4 Ginger skirt with the full seam allowance it will be a miracle!

I wasn't sure whether the bias-cut wool might stretch out and distort the shape, so I have sewn the front and side seams and attached the lining to the outer waistband, leaving the whole thing to hang for a while to do its worst before I add the zip or hem.  It will probably be there til next weekend... which gives me time to do some knitting : )

FL Update:
The man is surviving.  He is not enjoying the concept of "taking it easy" but sheer exhaustion has driven him to his chair instead of the golf club this weekend.  He fell asleep while the farm labourer was chain-sawing a tree for firewood and woke to discover he can't see Bennachie out of the window anymore because there are logs in the way - oops!

He now has two hearing aids... but can't tell which is left and which is right, so we are having some teething troubles with those.  I spend a lot of time on my hands and knees retrieving them from underneath his chair when he drops them, trying to see which is which.  New glasses next, I think!

Friday, September 23, 2011

SSS week 3: the round up

Well... this week had its moments ; )

On Monday, I wore my navy EvaDress trousers, 40's pattern back-buttoned blouse and the rosie watchlace from Scruffybadger - woo hoo!  This outfit got me a comment from Eunny Jang over in the Flickr group!  Eunny Jang!  (knitting blog celebrity, editor of Interweave Knits for those who don't know.)  Turns out she is seriously into sewing now, and has a tumblr blog here.  She has made some amazing clothes!

But my best outfit of the week was definitely the Ginger / Lisette / Japanese jacket combination of Tuesday.  I even wore eyeliner and my funky watchlace : )

Then someone popped my balloon...

Wednesday required hospital-visiting layers. I wore my black Audrey-inspired trousers, the raspberry self-drafted tee, and added the vintage cashmere cardi outside the overheated ward.  These are my driving shoes:  I wore my circle-stitched Kickers, as on Tuesday.

Thursday... too tired for innovation, I changed my tee to the purple one and added my birdcage necklace.  It looked better with the tee untucked - better flow.  I liked the colours together... but it was less "matchy" than usual.

Friday... I appear to be catching FL's germs and kept blowing hot and cold overnight.  But I was determined to end the working week on an up, so wore my 50's pattern knit-fabric twinset with my rockabilly rose 50's pattern skirt.  I tried a necklace but it was too fussy-looking, so I went for a brass cuff instead - to make the most of the short-length cardigan sleeves.  Camper heels and fishnets (I was up to date with the laundry!)

What I learned this week:
Never anything forgranted!  Seize the day!
No, Roo, about your clothes, silly!

Despite all my talk about silhouettes at the start of this month, I still get sidetracked by colour and / or era.  My first instinct is always to prioritise colour-matching and / or to wear two items from the 40's (Monday), the 50's (Friday) or the 60's (Wednesday and Thursday), instead of looking at the shapes of the clothes and how they might work together.

Little Extras:
I noticed how much pizzazz the rosie watchlace added to Monday and Tuesday's outfits and the difference the gilt birdcage pendant made on Thursday, picking up the gold of the cardi buttons.

This needs a bit more thought.  I rely a lot on my granny's flapper beads to add vintage style to my "look", but it would be fun to acquire a few more pieces of quirky costume jewellery to mix things up a bit.

Has anyone seen me wear my sky-high tan wedges yet this month?  No?  Tsk!

I wore my flat black Kickers shoes on three days of this week.  These are 7 years old and will not survive the winter, so I need to think about the gap they fill:  flat, black, wearable with either skirts or trousers.  I am thinking about getting some androgynous black chelsea boots to wear with trousers, and wearing my Camper heels with skirts.

And what of the infamous mustard shoes-of-wist?  It's pay day next week... that's all I am saying! ; )

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Metaphorical Piggy Bank

In the face of such mustard madness, the brown version seems almost... sensible?  Could these be my new winter shoes?  Or will commonsense prevail?

Backlash shoes from Poetic License (a sub-genre of Irregular Choice)

I saw the yellow ones on the feet of a vintage style bloggerGorgeousnessnessness!
Or how about this Heyday Clothing  Bow Blouse in pink... teamed with red swing trousers - ooh!  Pink and red?  But it works!  There are better pictures on the model's blog here.
Of course, I cannot possibly pay good money for ready-made clothes in the vintage style.  Why would I do that when I can make my own?

And therein lies the dilemma.

Self Stitched September has fallen hot (well... cool) on the heels of Me Made June, and all I can see in my Flickr sets are pictures of me wearing my clothes, the same clothes, over and over again.  Honestly, I am so ready to cheat on my pledge just to look at something different!  Which is pathetic.  Would I have noticed if I wasn't taking my "outfit" photograph every day?  I doubt it.

I decided it would be OK to reward myself for being self-stitched for another month.   I have been putting aside the £s I used to spend on a daily latte coffee, thinking I would buy myself a treat.  A dressmaker's dummy sprang to mind!  In August and September (so far) I have already saved £49. 

But the problem is, this caffeine-denial has coincided with other expenditure:  yarn, fabric, more yarn.  And I get all tied up in knots about whether I have already spent the "extra" £49.

Do you have a budget for stitching materials?  I don't.  I just buy things and feel guilty or don't buy things and feel deprived.  I am hopeless case.  I badly need a philosophy, or rules to follow, like "You can spend £100 a month on yourself".

But how much is too much?  My wardrobe is still full of clothes, despite sending the majority to the charity shop.  And I still have a crisis in the morning when I realise I don't have any brown tights or black socks or um, mustard shoes.

Making clothes is my "hobby", but it is also the way I get new things to wear.  So... does that mean that my clothing budget should equal what someone else might spend on their hobby plus what they might spend on clothes? 

I used to view my daily coffee as the equivalent of FL's pint of beer at the golf club.  But what if I said that a game of golf costs £20, so at a conservative estimate a golfer's hobby costs him 3 x £22 per week?  Good golly Miss Molly!  That's £66  x 4 a month!

Now please don't get me wrong, FL does not grudge me the £s I spend on clothes or fabric (and it's my income that pays for it anyway) , and he has pretty much given up golf now anyway... I am just trying to find a way to measure what might be reasonable.  And I am floundering.

Go on say it:  "Roo, get over yourself and seize the day!"

Does that mean I can buy the yellow shoes...?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

FO: Demne Baby Cardi

One week of light evening knitting.
One baby-sized cardigan in Shilasdair Luxury DK, which I bought at Yarn Cake in Glasgow.
The pattern is Demne, by Knitsofacto.
It was an interesting knit, with lots of provisional cast-ons and knitting in every possible direction.  I learned a new cast-off technique, which I recommend you try : )

It's all about the texture of the stitch pattern, that simple square neck, the natural softness of the yarn.

For a special baby with a knitty mother.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another week of SSS... in which I lost my groove

OK let's start with the confession:  I lost my groove this week. 

The SSS photos say it all:  the absence of lipstick is never a good sign.

I was definitely suffering from post-conference fall-out syndrome.  I was grumpy with FL (1) for losing a package on his way to the Post Office (a garment being returned to an online retailer because it didn't fit, so that's £28 gone forever) and (2) for exploding a casserole on the hob (full power will do that to a ceramic dish) and (3) for being unwell Stop having cancer, FL, I am tired of it, do you hear me?!  To which the only possible answer is:  "Pardon?"  Even supposing I opened my mouth to say those words... which I did not.
I had Everything But The Girl on repeat in my car, singing along to poignant and nostalgic songs.  I saw a job I could do in Hull... if I didn't have to stay in Aberdeen.  Have you seen how cheap houses are in Hull?  I wouldn't even need a mortgage!

So, yeah, I was no use to anyone at the start of this week.

I started to regather myself on Thursday - hence the broccolli bouquet in my SSS picture.  And by Friday I was a coiled spring again, ready to bounce into Tiggerish action.
 Though I am still not sure about the length of this skirt... it's borderline frumpy.
I bought some yarn from Ambermoggie's destash in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support... it was Lorna's Laces so I was powerless to resist.  In theory, this will be three pairs of Christmas socks.  I am just not committing myself to THIS Christmas!

I have hopes of a stitchy weekend.

In the midst of my dark cloud, I was knitting a baby garment, and hope to finish that.
Lorna's Laces from Ambermoggie

And I am halfway up the second sleeve of Betty Jean - oh yes, I am, I am!

I am ready to sew a Ginger skirt... though I need a zip.
And I want to sew the new Colette top (Jasmine?) using teal and brown plaid, cut on the bias... though I need the pattern ; )

And I have another bin bag full of non-me-mades to go to the charity shop.  There's not much left in the wardrobe now. That's OK.
Baby knitting:  in all directions!
But... I have nothing new to read.  I finished the last of Maggie O'Farrell's novels (twice - once at speed and once to savour) and now I am bereft. 

Any recommendations?

Disc 4 of the box set of My So-Called Life is calling...

And maybe I will get out to see the new film of Jane Eyre with The Girl.

FL? He's writing his book...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House For An Art Lover, Glasgow

In 1901, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald entered a German design competition to create a Grand Residence for an Art Lover.
 But it was not until 1987 that a Glasgow architect started to bring the drawings to life: a slow and expensive process which was only completed in 1996.  You can read more about it here.
The building is a commercial venue for conferences and weddings.  It is definitely a house full of staged Room Sets containing design detail rather than Fine Art. 
But nonetheless an interesting place with lovely food... and a welcome relief from the serious business which took me to Glasgow last week.
Admission is free of charge this coming weekend:  17 and 18 September.  Worth a visit!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh My Darling Seraphine

I don't think I ever shared the enormity of the single skein of yarn which is slowly becoming my Seraphine capelet.
It weighed a pound and was the size of a football.
Even now, with the cabled back section almost complete, I can't hold the remaining yarn in one hand.
This is such a satisfying knit.
I love how the cables interweave in a logical sequence down the centre, but meander more freely down the sides.
And the wool... the wool is so natural.  So sheepy.
In nine rows' time I will be ready to start the first garter stitch side section - exciting!
I don't know if I will ever want to knit commercially-spun wool again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stash Enhancements

My work trip to Glasgow brought social stress... but it also gave me the chance to visit two lovely shops:  Yarn Cake and Mandors!
Yarn Cake is very near Glasgow Botanic Gardens - a great place to sit and knit if you have the time.   (And one of the few places in the city with open public toilets - don't get me started on that topic!)
The yarn selection is small, but perfectly formed:  a bookcase full of Drops, a smattering of Schoppel Wolle and Trekking... but the real attraction for me was a carefully-curated range of Scottish yarns:  Shilasdair from the Isle of Skye, New Lanark from... New Lanark, Yarn Yard from Edinburgh-ish, and a few skeins of Curious Cat sock wool.

After coffee and a slice of fantastic German apple cake (with a streusel topping) I browsed the shelves:  there was a small but intriguing selection of knitting books too - ooh!  I was sorely tempted by the plant-dyed Shilasdair Luxury DK.  If I had done my homework before I arrived, I would probably have bought three skeins in Tansy to knit a golden cardigan for myself.  And two in Logwood or Cochineal to knit the Naomi scarf, about which I have a new obsession ; )  ...but my brain left me, and I selected just one skein in Fleece Cloud, the undyed version - perfect for a baby garment!  It is very very very lovely!

My other yarn purchase was a pair of Zauberballs.  For a long time I have been planning a colourwork project using these, and I decided to make the investment:  this should be enough for two pairs of socks.

As my conference was located outside the city centre, I had to head back in to Glasgow Queen Street to catch a local train.  Although I was by now running out of time, I took a diversion via Cowcaddens underground station to visit Mandors fabric shop on Renfrew Street. It was much much bigger than I had ever imagined:  a shop that sells nothing but fabric and haberdashery!?  I had forgotten such things existed!  I did a quick recce, storing up inspiration but avoiding temptation, and decided to return to shop on my way home on Friday.

The moment my last lecture ended, I was hot-footing my way back across Glasgow.  I had an hour before my train left for the north and I was determined to use it wisely!  My priority was to find some teal wool for a Ginger skirt to wear with my Betty Jean cardigan this winter.  There were two shades available, and I chose the brighter.  It was £18.99 a metre, so by no means cheap, but I found some toning dotty lining in the sale section for just 99p!

I spent an awfully long time fondling some purple and lime herringbone wool coat fabric.  I was so tempted to buy enough to make up my Betsey Johnson 70's coat pattern... but it would have been an expensive risk.  I need to try it out in a cheap fabric first as it takes 4 metres!

Instead, I chose some aubergine wool with a touch of lycra, to make another pair of Audrey-esque trousers for the colder weather.  My black pair is wonderfully comfortable and still looked smart even after I curled up to knit on the train home : )

I did not buy:  grey dobby dot cotton, red corduroy broderie anglaise (ooh!), grey wool with 3D flowers all over it, amazing laser-cut cream cotton,  black and red rose-figured felted wool, super-drapey aubergine and fuschia floral cotton crepe... you get the picture!  Too much fabric, too little time, and too tight a budget to just go crazy and buy everything!

I made it to the station with a very few minutes to spare - phew!

And when I got home... my last Sock Hop Club package was waiting for me - woo hoo!
Colourway:  Mellow Yellow.
It is insanely bright but I love it!
Now if you will excuse me... I have some stitching to do ; )

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Badger Time: A SSS Special

A certain Ms ScruffyBadger held a giveaway on her blog recently. All you had to do was leave a comment and the random number generator would pick a winner.  Simple pimple!

Now, the prize was a Badger-crafted Watch-Lace:  a beautiful rose-encrusted timepiece on a chain.  I had admired a previous version that Scruffy had shown on her blog... so of course I entered the giveaway. 
 The only condition of entry was that your comment should include a note to say what you might wear the Watch Lace with... and somewhat rashly I said I would definitely have to wear it with my Rosie Posey Tea Cosy.

That'll teach me.

Actually, it doesn't look that bad.  Perfect for my next conference! ; )
It was very hard to capture my neck and the top of my head in the same picture!

Winnie - it is lovely!  Thank you SO much!  And beautifully wrapped in paisley-print and lace!
Woo hoo! :D

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


My respected employer thought it was time I got out a bit more... and has sent me to a conference in Glasgow.
  Sort of.

Actually... I appear to be resident in a hospital in a fairly scary area at some distance from the city centre.  So far I have not seen any men in white coats but the worry lurks at the back of my head.  Perhaps my employer took the results of my recent personality test too seriously and has decided I need to be sent away for my own good.

On arrival at the station, I had to get directions from the blood-stained butcher and as I passed the newsagents I noticed the billboard headlines referred to a local murder.  How scenic!

However, on the way here I managed to squeeze in a visit to Yarn Cake.  There was Yarn.  There was Cake.  Life is good!  I got chatting to the lovely lady who runs the place.  Did you know they are hosting a woolly weekend in October?  And Stephen West is going to be teaching there?  Ha!  That got your attention didn't it?!
I have already signed up for his Color Workshop.  Amy Singer (of Knitty) is going to be there... and others whose names I forget.
I'm sorry not to have added links, but I am using a weird apple mac device in my hotel/hospital room and it is a miracle it is even producing words on the screen as I haven't got a clue how to use it properly.
Did you know that if you email a famous knitting celebrity and invite them to teach at a knitting event, they might just say "yes!"?  It worked for the Yarn Cake lady!  And it's Stephen's birthday that day, so he thought it would be "awesome" to come to Glasgow for the weekend.  Imagine that!?  Yeah I am a fan girl.  I know I am not alone.
Well, I can't sit here chatting to the ether.  I need to go and get scrubbed up for the conference opening dinner.  Let's hope it isn't NHS catering, eh?

Sunday, September 04, 2011

FO: Audrey-inspired trousers

The first finished object for my new Audrey Hepburn-inspired "look"! 
One pair of narrow-legged, high-waisted trousers in black stretch cotton sateen... a little bit shinier than I might prefer.  But I am hoping that these trousers will work for "day to evening wear" as I have a conference to attend later in the week - eek!

I decided to make them longer than the original as I think I will wear them more often this way... especially since it is September already!

Not a bad fit considering I was working from a Japanese pattern and had no idea what size it was other than "medium".

I used grosgrain ribbon to stabilise the inside of the waistband.

Pattern:  A3 from "Dresses from the 60's Movies" ISBN4-579-10691-1

Fabric:  Less than 2 metres of black stretch cotton sateen from Favourite Fabrics at eeebaay

Other notions:  1 metre grosgrain ribbon; 1 x 9 inch zip;  2 hooks-and-eyes.


How was the sewing?

No problems... unless you count the fact that I put the zip in the right side seam instead of the left.  But why be conventional?!

The fabric was really easy to work with.

I traced the pattern and cut the fabric on Saturday.

The stitching was fast and easy.



This is exactly the pair of trousers I wanted to make and wear. I spent far too long looking for a similar vintage pattern on Etsy before I remembered this design, lurking in the depths of a book full of frocks.

Would I make this pattern again? I think so... but I would definitely stick to a fabric with a little bit of stretch. Maybe a wool / lycra mix for a warmer version?

Now I am all fired up to make some 60's-style tops!  Woo hoo!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dresses from the 60's Movies: Japanese pattern book

When I saw the new Colette patterns, I suddenly remembered that I had a Japanese pattern book which referenced the same style / period.

Fascinating Dresses from the Memorable 60's Movies:  "Have you ever wished to be glamorous like them?"

Designed by Yukiko Ueno

It was one of the first Japanese sewing books I bought, at a time when my skills were still a bit rusty and my sense of what might fit or suit me... somewhat unclear.
At the time, I made a shell top in size large, using some violently patterned cotton I found in the farmhouse when I moved in. It was too short and too wide... and I recycled it into a cushion cover.
Isn't it funny how one bad sewing experience can take the shine off something pretty?

Looking through the book again, I am still excited by the bateau neckline of this back-buttoned top.  Maybe I should give it another try, in a smaller size, and adding a few inches to the length.

The book is organised by film star inspiration, with 4 garments in each section:  Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  Wow!  Talk about style credentials!

And guess what?  There is a pattern for a pair of Audrey Hepburn cropped trousers!  Just like the ones I thought Colette was going to design.
So you can guess what I am doing this weekend, can't you?
Using black cotton stretch sateen from the stash.
And including lots of measuring!