Sunday, May 29, 2011

FO: Eva Dress 1940's trousers: Neutral is Go!

I love my navy Eva Dress trousers! I would wear them every day if I thought I could get away with it. So I decided to make another pair in a suitably neutral, summery colour.

Part of the success of the first pair comes down to the fabric I used: it is super-swishy, smooth and crease-resistant. This? Not so swishy. Quite "tough" and with a tendency to hold a crease. But... shrug... this is what I bought.

Sewing was easy second-time-around. I knew where I was heading. I knew which size of seams to allow and I remembered to leave the underlap sticking out beyond the side of the main garment. I made these up in one-hour installments across a week, here and there, when I felt like sewing and nobody wanted to watch tv in the same room.


Pattern: Eva Dress 3322, a reproduction of a 1940's Simplicity pattern.

N.B. I note that the pattern now has a revised waistband piece - I had to lengthen mine. I made size 16 (1940's sizes) and took bigger seams to bring them in a bit.

Fabric: 2.5 metres of chino trousering from Croft Mill. I am not convinced they sent the right colour but I prefer this to anything you might call "khaki".

£5.60 per metre.

Buttons: 1940's vintage from Clover Crafts and Curios at eeebaaay. I love that they will echo Betty Jean's argyll colourwork (when I get her finished!).


I mean, yeah, they are everything they were intended to be: wide-legged basic workwear trousers with a vintage twist. But, you know, not terribly exciting. Neutral.

But that's fine, isn't it? Because they will be the foil to any craziness I care to wear up-top.

So when it came to these photographs I thought it was time to crank up the top dial.

I was afraid of them looking a bit... beige, a bit Bread Pudding. I wanted to feel more... Vanilla Fudge Sundae with extra toasted nuts!

So I whacked on the Rockalily lipstick, popped in a pincurl and managed to get a bandana to stay put for the duration of this "photoshoot".

None of this would last ten seconds in the wind!

But look - best of all - they work with my Portfolio blouse - woo hoo!

Let's hear it for the New Neutrals!


ashley0107 said...

LOVE!! I'm so tempted by this pattern, that button up side is so cute! I was looking at the fabric the other day, I quite like it :)
Ashley x

christinelaennec said...

Another fabbydoo Roobeedoo confection! It is FAR from boring - you've just spoiled yourself with your ubercool retro wardrobe. And as you say, you sometimes need neutral things to wear with the punchier items. Well done you!

Kestrel said...

They look great with your blouse. It can be hard to work up excitement about neutrals, but I'm sure they will unlock many outfit combinations, so hurray for that.

kbenco said...

Fabulous trousers again. I am a bit fan of neutrals. I love the side buttoning placket, and they do look terrific with your blouse. I am thinking bread pudding with bits of dark chocolate baked in and cinnamon sugar on top. Delicious.

Ali said...

these look great! love love wide leg trousers, and yours look so comfy -- i'm sure you'll wear them loads :)

Minnado said...

The trousers look great. A touch of Katherine Hepburn I think. They look as if they will become a wardrobe staple. BTW the bandana suits you.

Scruffybadger said...

I love them! And the outfit. Totally agree that you do need the odd neutral to allow wildness & boldness to be shown off in the rest of your outfit. The lipstick & bandanna is super cute too & those shoes peeping out just top it! I can't seem to stop admiring because there is also the Lisette top too. It just all looks so perfect together & very British summertime!

Lizzi said...

As you say, a perfect foil for craziness.........and we love craziness.(c:

Bernice said...

Great trousers. The buttons look terrific. You're definitely channelling vanilla fudge sundae with those groovy poses.

tea and cake said...

This is such a smart outfit! Ideal for work, but glam, pretty and quirky all at the same time - well done, you!

faeriecollege said...

You look fab, Roo, as usual. And I am, as usual, very envious!

Dibs said...

You look very smart. i wish I could sew trousers. AS it is, I am still to chicken to attempt one. I love love love your top.