Monday, December 13, 2010

FO: Norie Too... in Blue

So... I knitted a second Norie hat, in blue this time.

I offered it to The Girl. She is happy to wear any colour... as long as it is black.

But that's fine, because I love my green Norie, and now I have a blue one too - yay! Double prizes!


Norie hat from The Shetland Trader , Book One. Now also available as a single pattern from Ravelry.

100g of Bluebell wool DK from Coldharbour Mill. I bought mine here.

Apologies for blurry evening photography. No more daylight until the weekend!


Minnado said...

It's very lovely. I have n't attempted a hat yet but I am gettign tempted by your pics. Thanks for the comment, the grey pinafore warning made me laugh. I have to remind myself that I do not want to go around dressed like a six year old.

christinelaennec said...

Boy those hats are just flying off the needles! Beautiful.