Thursday, May 06, 2010

FO: Tie-neck Blouse (Simplicity 2501)

This was a relaxed weekend's sewing. To be honest, it could have been done in a day but I was trying to do a million other things.

Crikey, I look thin!

The fabric was from deep in the stash, bought with a certain Built by Wendy pattern in mind, but it just wasn't happening. The more time went on, the more meh reviews I saw of that pattern and I opted out. Then last winter, I saw a blouse in this material at Great Plains - this isn't it, but I see they are still trying to use up the material! Oh look - here it is!

Damn - it's reduced! And I can't get a bigger picture either! But you get the idea: cute, short-sleeved, high-necked blouse.
Where was I?

Simplicity 2501, View B, size 10 using the B-cup version for the fronts (yes, you have options for variant boobage.)

Fabric: Purple cotton dobby spot from Favourite Fabrics - I believe it was £3 a metre.
It goes well with my aubergine trousers, made last year.

Um - I think it's time I faced the fact that I have lost some inches around the middle and all my skirts and trousers are falling down. It is not deliberate.

Buttons: Purple dyed corozo, 15mm, from Textile Garden bought without reference to the fabric but an almost perfect match - woo hoo!

I was very impressed by the level of detail of the instructions with this pattern. Seriously, if you are a beginner sewist, this would be a lovely pattern to start with, because it is all so clearly explained. For example, they suggested three different methods for finishing off the front facings, with the result that I ended up with a much neater finish than usual.

The sizing seems about right. Perhaps I could have gone a size down but I have a lurking suspicion that I will end up wearing a camisole under this semi-sheer material, so a little bit of extra room is a good thing.
Green Apples added shoulder pads, and I can see what she was getting at, but I like this softer look. She also lengthened the ties at the neck, but I like the little ones.
My only niggle? Those ties. They form the back neck "collar" and they are not interfaced. So in a soft, fine fabric like this they have a tendency to be a bit... limp. If I were to make it again in such a thin cotton, I would definitely add a layer of interfacing.

I really like the pleats at the top and bottom of the sleeves. Much easier to control than gathers, when setting in the sleeve. I was surprised to find there were gathers too, and inevitably there was some unpicking to do when the fabric got caught up on the underside, despite my best quality tacking (basting) efforts.


Yes, I will wear this! I am just waiting for a warmer day. Hailstones were battering the skylight as I sewed this wispy blouse!
And I will probably use the pattern again -maybe the "waisted" version next time, with a different neck.


bagqueen said...

Lovely blouse, I can't see the pleat detail very clearly but I like the idea, I find puff sleeves made with gathers can be a bit unflattering, so the pleats will soften the round effect.

I'm not surprised if you are a bit slimmer, you have had a bit on your mind lately and you have been doing some hard work in the garden. Don't worry when the sunshine eventually arrives you'll be lazing in your garden sipping Pimms and will put back those lbs.

Sandy said...

I love the color! And it goes nicely with the orchid on the windowsill too... I've had problems with finding the right weight sizing for some fabrics as well. I'm not doing much sewing at present, but there used to be a company that made special weights to handle the issues with tissue-thin and delicate fabrics. If I can either remember it or find the name, I will forward it to you... you glam puss you!

Camelia Crinoline said...

The colour is perfect and I do love a blouse with puff sleeves and ties. I really like the pattern illustration on view C with the collar bows on Simplicity 2501 but I'm not sure how it would look made up.

feresaknit said...

Love the blouse - glad it's not only me who has to unpick sleeves. I really thing you need to follow my current diet - put down the apples and pick up the choclate!

Steven L. Ritter said...

Very nice...

Susie Hemingway said...

I like this blouse very much, perfect classic design and so nice are the little sleeves something I always look for these days. Quite perfect in fact - clever lady but how you find the time for all these projects amazes me - well done x

heather said...

mmm, i like your hair cut a lot!! and your sewing. thanks for sharing your thoughts on hair cutting!! a purple streak would do wonders for me i'm feeling.