Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pippi Long Stockings

Since finishing Manon, I have been enjoying the plain old-fashioned mindless ribbing and stocking stitch of the Pippi long stockings. And here they are! Only two weeks of easy knitting for a pair of crazy warm legs! FL thinks they are hilarious - especially when my hair is in two plaits!

Stats: On-line Supersocke Sport Color, 2.5mm needles. I used two balls for contrasting stripes, but probably only needed 150g in total. This free pattern, done in the smallest size. I might run a line of elastic through the top edge as they seem a bit baggy just above the knee. Otherwise, I like the shape, which tapers to just 56 stitches at the ankle for a snug fit.

So -what next?

Socks: FL needs more socks! His "Piece of Beauty" Gentleman’s Evening Wear socks have again broken out in huge gaping holes. There is nothing left except darning on the underside of one foot and I am going to have to concede defeat: this yarn was beautiful to knit with and look at, but is not at all hardwearing. Sniffle. So, the plan is for a pair of the lozenge-pattern from “Knitting Vintage Socks” in two colours of St Ives. Or a pair of Fratello from Austermann Step. Or Boyfriend Socks . That's two pairs of “toe-up” socks! I have never knitted toe-up, so this would be a challenge.

And unexpectedly my daughter snuggled up to me on the sofa last night and said "I love my handknitted socks... will you make me some more? Can I look through your wool sometime?" WOO HOO! She most certainly can! It is great to get some positive feedback from the kids!

Hats: Having purchased the Woolly Wormhead book, I am itching to try out her patterns for Strudel and Guimauve. But I don't have any suitable yarn in the stash... do you know how many times I have almost broken my yarn diet this month on account of this book?!

Scarf: Jyri from Norah Gaughan Volume 1 in Mille Colori bought for that very purpose.

Gloves: the ripple-cuffed gloves from “Knitting Classic Style” -probably fingerless, using sock yarn from the stash.

And by the time I get through that lot it will be time to knit some gifts for the June birthday season! Maybe I should reclassify some of the above as gift-knitting and get in ahead of the rush!

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RooKnits said...

Ruth, I love you socks. They are fabulous.